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About August 2017

This month’s cover celebrates the Tier 1 Pro women’s figure winners at the 2017 Physique Canada National Classic, held July 15 in Gatineau, Quebec. From left to right on the cover are Carolane Lefebvre Giroux, Kim Richer, and Chantal Lesage, who placed second, first, and third, respectively.

As it was with the Tier 1 Pro men’s bodybuilding, Tier 1 Pro women’s figure was incredibly close, particularly between first and second places. At the end of it all, Kim’s slightly better conditioning and overall shape are what carried her to her first Tier 1 pro win!


Newest Gallery - 2017 National Classic Men's Bodybuilding

2017 National Classic Men's Bodybuilding

The Top 10 Fitness Models of 2016

Since 2012, our most popular annual feature has been the presentation of the Top 10 Fitness Models for the year. Once published, tens of thousands or readers from around the world visit us to see who was picked. Now that we are in our fifth year for this annual selection, we expect the number of readers to be at an all-time high.

This year’s ten include some women who have been selected in previous years, yet also includes women who are being featured for the first time. What’s important to know about the list of winners is that it is not ranked internally – there is no number one, two, three, and so on. Instead, all ten are the winners, which is why they’re simply shown in the gallery below alphabetically by last name.

As in previous years, most of the winners’ photos were taken by Paul Buceta, who is widely considered to be the world’s best fitness photographer. But not all were taken by Paul – three of this year’s photos are from photographers Taylor Oakes and Brian Reilly. We thank all of these photographers for their great work.

With that introduction complete, we’re now proud to present the Top 10 Fitness Models of 2016: Amélie Brisebois, Jenna Chadwick, Jennifer Lambert Foster, Rhiana Hogan, Jess Kanstrup, Amélie Levesque, Emilie Provencher, Sybil Sophia, Katherine Turcotte, and Edith Werbel.

Congratulations to all!