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What's Old Is New Again

  • Written by Doug Schneider

In April, we did something we’ve never done before – we took a break from our regular publishing schedule in order to better prepare the site for the rest of this year and beyond. As a result, there was no new cover, articles, or “Iron Shot” or “Hot Shot” photos. Instead, we worked behind the scenes.

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  1. Reasons to Remain Clean
  2. Olivier Martel – 18-Year-Old Future Star Stuns at Coupe Progym
  3. Physique Canada's Focus On Men’s Bodybuilding
  4. Clean Sweep – Julie-Anne Landry is a Two-Time Tier 1 Pro Athletic Physique Champion
  5. Bigger and Better – Bodybuilding at the 2016 Physique Canada Canadian Championships
  6. Great Canadians
  7. Physique Canada's First-Class Females
  8. Future Star – Virginie Roy's Stunning Debut at the 2016 Physique Canada National Classic
  9. Memorable Wins – Winston Johnson Dominates the 2016 National Classic
  10. Season Opener – the 2016 Physique Canada National Classic
  11. No Board Shorts Allowed
  12. Fixing Faulty and Corrupt Judging
  13. Keeping Women's Physique Sports Thriving and Surviving
  14. The New Generation of Bodybuilders Saving the Sport
  15. Julie-Christine Cotton Captures the Canadian Athletic Physique Crown!
  16. Girl Talk with Nichole Alex, 2015 Physique Canada Women’s Muscular Physique Champion
  17. Erik Alstrup – 2015 Canadian Men’s Bodybuilding Champion (and More!)
  18. The Canadians Are Coming on October 17
  19. What Is Women's Athletic Physique?
  20. Physique Canada Star Alexandre Villeneuve Interviewed
  21. Kanstrup Conquers – Plus Four Future Physique Canada Stars
  22. Last Year's to This Year's National Classic
  23. Physique Canada's Fantastic Female Competitors
  24. Physique Canada's Rising Stars
  25. The Drug-Free Way is the Only Way to Achieve Credibility
  26. Physique Leaders
  27. Canada's Leading Ladies
  28. The 2014 Physique Canada Canadian Championships
  29. Reliving 2013
  30. Iron Mavericks
  31. Québec Success!
  32. The 2014 Physique Canada National Classic Champions
  33. Vince Gironda Stars in the Greatest Training Video Ever Made
  34. Nadia Moussa Is Returning to the Stage!
  35. Dispelling the Biggest Myth in Bodybuilding – That the Same Guys Would Win With or Without Drugs
  36. True Champions
  37. Physique Canada Rules Québec
  38. The All-Women Issue – Signs of a New Strategy
  39. Rebuilding Bodybuilding
  40. The Legend Continues – Denis Pedneault is Canada’s Five-Time Champ
  41. Discovering New Talent – Stefanie Terrana
  42. Denis Pedneault – The Legend is Returning!
  43. The World-Championships Experience
  44. Physique Canada’s New Tier 1 Elite Stars
  45. Michele Steeves Interviewed
  46. What a Picture is Really Worth
  47. Simon Proteau Interviewed
  48. Canadian Bombshell – Nadine Young Reflects
  49. The State of the Bodybuilding Nation – Brian Robitaille on Physique Sports in Canada
  50. The Best of 2012
  51. The Canadian Champions
  52. Clean Canadians?
  53. The Latest on Women's Athletic Physique
  54. Iron Women
  55. Physique Canada's First Champions
  56. Game On! Physique Canada's First Event Happens this Month
  57. New Video Series: "Authentic Iron"
  58. Is “Body Sculpting” the Best Bodybuilding Column Ever?
  59. The Scoop on Physique Canada
  60. Winston Johnson is Canada’s New Bodybuilding King
  61. "Real Information": Introducing "Kabia's Korner"
  62. What the Judges Are Looking For!
  63. New Faces: Al Kabia
  64. The Champ: Erik Alstrup
  65. New Faces: Winston Johnson
  66. Fired Up for Figure! Meet Nadine Young, the IDFA’s 2010 Pro Universe Champion!
  67. 2010 Bodybuilders of the Year
  68. Real Athletes, Real Information!
  69. The Only Organization That Matters
  70.’s First Seminar – An “All-Star” Event
  71. "We Will Catch You!"
  72. The Sport of Bodybuilding
  73. IDFA Everywhere!
  74. The IDFA's Natural Novice Knockout!
  75. The IDFA's "Natural" Domination
  76. Backstage Crazy at IDFA
  77. Reversal of Fortune: Why Natural Bodybuilding is Taking Over in Canada
  78. The Drug-Free Superstars of Today and Tomorrow
  79. 2009 Canadian Bodybuilders of the Year, Part Three: Denis Pedneault
  80. A New Site, A New Focus
  81. Shooting Stars! In the Gym with Canada’s Best Competitors
  82. 2009 Canadian Bodybuilders of the Year, Part Two: Ben Pakulski
  83. 2009 Canadian Bodybuilders of the Year, Part One: Erik Alstrup
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2016 Canadian Competitions

April 2 – SAF Spring Spectacular (women’s categories only)

June 10-11 - SAF Summer Spectacular (women's categories only)

June 11 - Physique Canada National Classic (men's and women's categories)

October 21-22 - SAF Fall Spectacular (women's categories only)

October 22 - Physique Canada Canadian Championships (men's and women's categories)

Note: Competitions and dates subject to change without notice

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