SAM November 2011

In February 2011, I wrote an article called “Real Athletes, Real Information!” The gist of that article was that you will be hard-pressed to find any real, tangible information about training, nutrition or anything else in the modern-day bodybuilding and fitness magazines. The articles in magazines nowadays seem mostly like filler information to satisfy the publications’ true purpose, being catalogues for supplement companies. In other words, the magazines exist to sell advertising pages for the dubious products many companies promote, not to truly service their readers. If you don’t believe me, just pick up any publication and try one of their training routines and see if it actually works. Or read an article about one of the athletes and see if you can glean any tangible information from that. Better yet, try one of the nutritional concoctions that the magazine promotes and see if it does anything at all. Finally, take a look at the ratio of advertising pages to editorial content, because if that doesn’t explain what's going on, nothing will. As I said in that article in February, at our goal is to take the opposite approach.

That’s precisely why I don’t write for any of the bodybuilding and fitness magazines anymore, and have no further inclination to do so. Instead, I want to focus on improving by constantly growing it and continuing to provide real information to our readers. That’s why I’m so pleased this month to add yet another regular column to our roster – “Kabia’s Korner,” which is being written by Al Kabia, the IDFA’s 2011 International Amateur Championships winner who is now an IDFA pro. I wrote about Al in an article called “New Faces: Al Kabia” in October. Al’s column will focus on how he trains and achieves his amazing shape naturally.

“Kabia’s Korner” is our fifth feature column – the other four are Denis Pedneault’s “Body Sculpting,” Francois Beauregard’s “Beauregard Blasts,” Erik Alstrup’s “The Edge,” and Steve Duperre’s “Steve Speaks Out.” The content in each of these columns has a different angle and each writer has a different approach that he takes with his writing to get his message across to the readers, but they all have one thing in common: they contain real information that’s very relevant for our readers. I wouldn't have it any other way.

“Kabia’s Korner” will begin on November 10, but Al Kabia is also featured in our “Iron Shot” monthly photo that you can see right now. On November 20, Steve Duperre’s article explaining the judging criteria for fitness modeling in the IDFA will be published in the "Steve Speaks Out" section. That article is the final instalment in a three-part feature about the judging processes he put into place in the IDFA. It's all real information that real people can use.

. . . Doug Schneider, Publisher

Doug Schneider is the publisher and chief photographer for