Starting a physique organization today is more difficult than it’s ever been. Off the top of my head, I can count a half-dozen organizations operating in Canada – and there could be more that I don’t even know about. As a result, when Physique Canada began three years ago, it was a huge risk, given the competition that was already around, and there was certainly no guarantee it would work.

So when you look at the many victories that Physique Canada has had over the last few years in terms of producing first-rate shows and attracting topflight competitors, the whole initiative can be regarded as nothing short of a complete success. And when you factor in the latest success – the Concours Xtreme Physique Naturel du Québec event, which was held for the first time ever on July 12 in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec – the organization’s achievement in such a short time seems even greater.

Medal presentationSerge Moreau (center) and Denis Pedneault (far right) presenting partcipation medals

The Concours Xtreme Physique Naturel du Québec event was the brainchild of Canadian bodybuilding legends Serge Moreau and Denis Pedneault. Serge last stepped onstage in 1984, after which he retired – he had competed in more than 30 competitions till then. Denis is, of course, Physique Canada’s 2013 Canadian Men’s Bodybuilding Champion, as well as the holder of numerous other national-level titles. Last year the two had the goal of bringing drug-free bodybuilding deep into the heart of Québec, and the Concours Xtreme Physique Naturel du Québec was their way to do it.

The July 12 event wasn’t big in terms of total competitors, which it understandable, given that this was their first ever show. But it was a big success in terms of the quality of competitors who took part. Photographer Martin Dupuis, who helped me shoot the show, said afterwards, “Everyone in the show was good. In fact, this was the first time I’ve been to a competition where there wasn’t someone who looked like he or she shouldn’t be there.” I wholeheartedly agreed.

So with all the good competitors who were there, I feel like I’m shortchanging many by focusing on only a couple. Still, I think it’s the prudent thing to do because it’s these two who I believe were so good, that they need to be highlighted for their accomplishments.

The male who impressed me the most was young Frédérik Therrien, who is featured on our cover this month and in our “Iron Shots” gallery. Frédérik won the Tier 2 men’s bodybuilding division, as well as the overall title, which was against the other class winners. Frédérik showed excellent muscle density in all muscle groups, and he’s blessed with the all-important factor of shape – he has wide, sweeping shoulders atop a very small waist, which made him look even larger on the stage than he did backstage (and he looked huge there!). If Frédérik continues with Physique Canada as a Tier 1 athlete, which is what I recommended he do right after he finished the event, he could stand toe-to-toe with Physique Canada’s best, and eventually become one of Canada’s all-time greats. Mark my words, Frédérik Therrien has the potential to be that good.

Overall men's titleThe overall men's posedown with Frédérik Therrien on the far right

On the women’s side, it was Marie-Ève Delorme who stood out for me – she ended up winning the Tier 3 women’s muscular physique category, as well as the overall women’s muscular physique title. Marie-Ève displayed a strong back, wide shoulders, a marvelously defined midsection, and well-developed legs. Marie-Ève has to make some improvements before she can challenge the likes of Physique Canada’s Nadia Moussa or Michele Steeves, but the potential for her is all there, meaning she just has to work at it. So, just like Frédérik, it’s really up to her to take the next steps and see how far she can go. Obviously, July 12 gave her a great start.

Marie-Ève DelormeMarie-Ève Delorme

This article only scratches the surface of what went on at the Concours Xtreme Physique Naturel du Québec event on July 12, but I hope that it at least gets across that it was a tremendous success. And from what I could tell, Serge Moreau and Denis Pedneault thought so as well – so much so that they’re already planning next year’s competition, which, I understand, will be held in November in order to give the competitors in La belle province almost the entire year to prepare. Suffice it to say that when Concours Xtreme Physique Naturel du Québec 2015 happens, I’ll be the first there to cover it.

Doug Schneider Founder and Publisher