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"Steve Speaks Out"

A New Era in Judging Quality, Transparency, Honesty, and Integrity

  • Written by Steve Duperré

Physique CanadaAt Physique Canada, our credibility and reputation are extremely important to us. We have very high expectations and we certainly plan to achieve every single one of them. Anyone who knows any of us knows that we do not stand for mediocrity. To achieve those standards and gain any credibility, it is important to cater to the needs of the competitors and deliver on all our promises.

As a judge and competitor, I have heard many complaints and concerns over the years about judging quality. Competitors want to know much more than just how they rank -- they also want answers. Competitors want to know how their rankings are determined, how each judge assesses them compared to the rest of the line-up, and what they need to do to improve for future competitions. These are all valid concerns and are things we plan to address. And since I’m the organization’s chief judge, most of the responsibility for this resides with me.

To answer to those needs, and to demonstrate our honesty and integrity as well as improve transparency, we will be publishing all the results on our website ( after each contest. We will not only publish the final scores, but also each judge’s individual scores. After all, what good are final scores if we don’t know how they were determined? This will give competitors a much better idea of how they really compared to the rest of their competition and if judges were unanimous in their decisions. To the best of our knowledge, no other Canadian-based physique organization does this.

We take the responsibility of assessing every competitor’s physique very seriously. With all the hard work they put into their training, nutrition, and contest preparation, not to mention the amount of money they spend to get there, we feel that they deserve at least that kind of consideration in terms of the judging that they receive. Competitors need to be assessed honestly and the rankings need to be as accurate as possible, and that’s what disclosing these scores will help to do.

To ensure that Physique Canada has only qualified judges on their panel, we have developed a comprehensive certification program for our judges. As a result, every Physique Canada judge must go through an intensive training program and pass a test before being considered for a judging panel. Once on a panel, judges become accountable to the head judge and, ultimately, to me. They must maintain a high level of accuracy to remain in Physique Canada’s judging pool. Their performance is reviewed at the end of each contest and, if a judge’s conduct or scores are inconsistent with the rest of the group, they risk being dropped from the list or might be required to get more training. This may sound harsh considering judges donate their time for very little pay; however, the importance of getting rankings right is paramount.

Steve Duperré talks about the finer points of the judging process with Physique Canada president, Brian Robitaille (left).

Physique Canada’s judges must also be able to provide constructive feedback at the end of each contest to those who want it. After all, who better to get feedback from than the very people who are assessing competitors’ physiques? Feedback is extremely important for serious competitors who want to know what improvements are required for future competitions. Physique Canada has developed a system to facilitate detailed notes on each competitor while still keeping the focus on ranking competitors. So if you compete with Physique Canada, know that there’s not only a process in place to assess you, but also a process to help you improve.

Physique Canada’s values are professionalism, integrity, excellence, and innovation. We will not sell ourselves short or sacrifice any of these values in any area – including judging. Competitors deserve the very best in every aspect of competition and we will do everything we can to deliver. You have my word on that!

Steve Duperré, contributor and Physique Canada Chief Judge

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