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Plans for 2011

  • Written by Erik Alstrup

201002_theedgeQ: Hi Erik

I’ve been watching your recent competition streak – very impressive. Are you planning to compete in 2011? If so, what are your goals?

. . . Ron Burning

A: Hi Ron,

Thanks for your question. I had a great season in 2010 and am definitely competing in 2011. I plan on multiple competitions and perhaps some masters events, as I will be 40 years old next season. As clichéd as it sounds, it really does seem like yesterday that I stepped on stage for my first show in 1994. Now, 17 years later, I am enjoying competition on the natural stage and feeling healthier and more motivated than ever.

Since my “comeback” in June 2009, I’ve competed 12 times, though my original intent in 2009 was to compete only once and return to competitive marathon running. The “comeback” contest, IDFA’s Montreal Classic, was so much fun and so well produced that I felt inspired to compete again, so two weeks later I was onstage at the IDFA Toronto Classic. As long as I continue to enjoy training and competing, I plan to continue.

For 2011, I would like to add 5-8 pounds of quality muscle, specifically prioritizing my legs, as the years of running and thousands of miles on the road have significantly changed the muscle-fiber composition and dramatically reduced leg strength and mass. A few more pounds of quality muscle will help me to be more competitive against the continuously improving, younger, up-and-coming athletes.

Erik Alstrup

During the decade when I was absent from bodybuilding (1999-2009), there were tremendous changes in our industry, most notably in the growth of drug-free bodybuilding, figure, bikini, and fitness across Canada and the USA, and in the creation of more quality organizations and the appearance of more natural competitors than there ever were. All this provides athletes with many options, including the possibility of competing multiple times in one season against a new group of athletes at each show. If you enjoy training and preparing for competition, you certainly can compete drug free multiple times in one season and realistically expect improvement with each successive outing.

In addition to competing, I would like to see the natural bodybuilding scene continue to flourish, reach more athletes, and enter more mainstream consciousness and acceptance. In 2011, to assist this evolution, I plan to become more involved in public speaking, workshops, seminars, and training of natural athletes. It is going to be an awesome year with many big things to look forward to in natural bodybuilding and fitness. Drug-free competition will soon be the industry standard as evidenced by the increasing public awareness, competitor and fan support, topnotch organizations, and more quality competitions than ever before. With all the momentum and positive change in our industry, it’s a great time to ride the natural wave.

Ron, you will definitely be seeing more of me in 2011. All the best to you in health and fitness!

Yours truly,

. . . Erik Alstrup logo

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