Top 10 Fitness Models of 2017

It’s time again for our most popular photo series – the Top 10 Fitness Models of the year – which we’ve been publishing since 2012. How popular is this annual series? Each year, tens of thousands of visitors from around the world visit to see whom we’ve chosen.

Now in our sixth year, some of the 2017 models are familiar faces from previous Top Ten Fitness Models galleries, but a few of them are brand new to this group. All are part of SAF, a premier women’s-only fitness organization that can be found online at

This year’s photos are, again, of exceptional quality. Most of the images were taken by Paul Buceta, who is one of the best-known women’s fitness photographers in the world; however, two were taken by Brian Reilly, of West Studio, and one was shot by Gregory Fonkatz. Thank you all – models and photographers – for the great work!

One important thing to know is that the models are not ranked within this elite group, which is why they are shown alphabetically by last name. Who are the chosen ones for 2017? They are: Dawn Armstrong, Julie-Anne Landry, Evelyne Martin, Josee Moran, Mari Pier, Emilie Provencher, Alana Spadaccini, Sybil Sophia, Nancy Tang, and Edith Werbel. Congratulations to all ten of you!